Triari Consulting

Payments System Consulting

Triari Consulting is a unique niche organisation focused on providing payment systems consulting services.

Payments System Challenges

There is a need to continuously adapt and enhance payment processing systems to meet a variety of market demands.   These include the introduction of game changing regulation such as the recent CMA Order and European Payment Services Directive 2.   Further regulatory changes in the UK are also imminent with the introduction of the New Payments Architecture.  Such initiatives have created a hugely complex regulatory-technical landscape for organisations within which achieving compliance is a complex challenge.


It is also essential that financial institutions responsible for payments processing maintain competitive advantage by offering new products and services and new customer experiences.  It is a therefore continuous challenge for financial organisations to provide business resilience for payments processing.

Cloud platforms are a disruptor that offer great promise in providing cost effective, resilient and scalable payments processing.  Managing the transition of payments processing to exploit such cloud technologies is also significant challenge.  


Impacting and planning changes to payment systems to meet these drivers is a hugely complex problem. It is in this complex business context that Triari Consulting helps clients. 

Accelerated Strategy Development 

Our approach is is based on a deep understanding of the payments value chain, gained through many project undertakings. We have a deep understanding of the issues in payments modernisation and a rigorous consulting approach to solving client problems.  To support our consulting engagements we have developed detailed models of payments system processing and mature architectural patterns addressing the payments system integration problem. 


Around these artefacts we have developed a consulting methodology that enables accelerated payment systems planning activities for your organisation.  Our consulting and advisory services are uniquely placed to support your business in the transformation of payment processing in your organisation.