Rullion Partnership Announcement

Triari consulting is partnering with Rullion Change Delivery to provide a unique IT consulting offering.

The partnership leverages Triari Consulting’s deep expertise in financial services and Rullion’s capability in Change Delivery to provide an exceptional quality consulting offering for the financial services sector.

Blending Triari Consulting’s deep expertise in payments systems, IT architecture and digital transformation with Rullion’s expertise in Change Delivery provides architecture and strategy consulting services with highly skilled resources coupled with delivery and PMO expertise throughout the consulting engagement.

The engagement model utilises Rullion’s Projects Platform to enable effective collaboration and transparent reporting of progress and milestones. The approach delivers effective quality checkpoints on agreed project milestones and the opportunity for the resolution of any issues blocking progress.

This overall benefit is a highly scalable resourcing and delivery model that ensures that consulting engagements are completed to a high quality and to exacting timescales.

Lucy Henderson, Head of Delivery, Rullion Change Delivery

“Rullion has had great success working with Triari Consulting. Rullion’s Change Delivery expertise aligned with Triari’s architecture and strategy capability enabled us to delight our customer with a high quality service. …”

Gary Farrow, Director, Triari Consulting

“Partnering with Rullion is the perfect match for Triari Consulting. The complementary organisational skillsets of deep consulting expertise and change delivery management means that clients get an exceptional service comprising high quality strategy consulting, coupled with effective delivery oversight and risk management. …”

For a discussion on Triari Consulting's payment systems consulting services, contact:

Gary Farrow at or +44 (0)755 442 3009